Pregnant mum's jaw broken in two places

Preston Magistrates court uprightPreston Magistrates court upright
Preston Magistrates court upright
A man who broke a pregnant woman's jaw in two places has been jailed for 20 months.

Darren Kenny, 30, of Dawnay Road, Ribbleton, Preston, admitted maliciously wounding his estranged partner, who is expecting their second child, during a doorstep row on June 24.

She later had to undergo surgery to have a metal plate inserted into her jaw.

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The court heard in 2011 he served 16 months in prison for attacking her.

Judge Stuart Baker said: “This is the second time you have inflicted serious injury on her.”

Prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, Stephen Parker said Kenny had knocked on the door of her home in Preston at 10am.

He added: “At the time of this incident she had been in an on off relationship with this defendant for the past seven years. They have a child together and she was 11 weeks pregnant with their second child

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“Earlier this year she took out a restraining order at the civil court.

“A week before this incident she saw him in a car with another woman.

“The defendant turned up out of the blue at her home.

“She says she was instantly furious and told him to get lost, but he stayed on the doorstep and they began to argue.

“She slapped him three times across the face. She said it was a knee jerk reaction on her part – she’s very small.

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“He continued to stand there shouting at her and suddenly punched her really hard to her face, causing her head to shoot backwards, and she instantly felt ringing in her ears.”

Defending him, Philip Holden said: “He accepts it was disproportionate to the level of violence she had offered to him.”