Police make arrests at Travellers camp in Fulwood and help bailiffs tow vehicles away

Police have made arrests at a Travellers encampment in Fulwood this morning (Tuesday, March 23).

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 11:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 5:18 pm

Officers arrested two men after they were called to the former HSBC office car park in Caxton Road at 9am, where bailiffs had been evicting the Travellers.

The convoy of caravans, motor-homes and vans had moved on to the car park on Saturday evening (Monday, March 20), and workers were seen boarding up the windows of the empty office building yesterday (pictured).

Craig Whinray, of UK Bailiff Services, said he had been instructed to remove the group yesterday (Monday, March 22), but the Travellers had refused to leave voluntarily.

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A Mitsubishi 4x4 has been seized by police and towed away from a Traveller encampment in Caxton Road, Fulwood this morning (March 23)

His team returned today where they were supported by a number of police officers, including a unit from Lancashire Police's tact ops squad.

The force said two men have been arrested for public order offences, whilst vehicles were forcibly towed off the site and onto the main road.

Among them was a Mitsubishi 4x4 which was pictured being towed off the private car park by police and bailiffs before being released in Caxton Road.

Mr Whinray said: "This was a Traveller Eviction carried out by my team of Enforcement Agents (bailiffs)

Officers visited the illegal encampment on the former HSBC office car park in Caxton Road, Fulwood at 9am, where they searched vehicles and spoke to those on the site

"We were instructed to attend on Monday afternoon. The travellers had encamped on Saturday evening.

"The vehicles were not seized, they were moved from the private land onto a main road as the caravan occupants refused to leave voluntarily."

A police spokesman added: "We attended to support the landowner and two men were arrested for public order offences."

The convoy has now left the site and barriers have been placed along the site entrance to prevent them from regaining access.

The convoy has now vacated the site and pallets have been placed along the entrance to neighbouring businesses to prevent access
The convoy of caravans, motor-homes and vans had moved on to the office car park yesterday morning (Monday, March 22), and soon after, workers were seen boarding up the windows of the building
This morning, a number of police units were seen rushing to the site with sirens on, including Lancashire Police's tact ops squad