Pitch torn up and match-day nets stolen from Kirkham Juniors Football Club

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A junior football club home to more than 200 young sport fanatics has had its football nets stolen and pitch ruined by deep tyre marks.

Kirkham Juniors Football Club had its storage container broken into at some time over the weekend (November 16 and 17).

The deep grooves on the playing fields used by Kirkham Junior FC (Image: Kirkham Junior FC)

The deep grooves on the playing fields used by Kirkham Junior FC (Image: Kirkham Junior FC)

It happened off Coronation Road in the town near to where the club hosts matches on the William Segar Hodgson Playing Fields.

Among the stolen items were three sets of nets; two belonging to Kirkham JFC and one to Kirkham and Wesham Athletic.

And the pitch was also ruined by deep tyre marks in what is believed to be a separate incident.

Club Chair James Davenport said: “As a club we work really hard to provide football for our 240 children.

"Acts of vandalism and theft clearly cause us setbacks and headaches to resolve, and ultimately slow our efforts to improve the club and what is offers to the local community.

"We will work closely with the local council and similar other organisations to firstly try and identify what happened and those responsible, and importantly try to find better arrangements to prevent these things from being able to happen again."

The club also said that a light had been smashed in the club's away dressing room.

And Mr Davenport revealed that one of the club managers is a local police officer so is in the process of reporting the incident and following it up.

"Any information can be passed to the club for passing on as appropriate. Ultimately we realise its unlikely that we will find anyone responsible," he added.

Taking to Facebook, a statement from the club committee said the incident has put back plans to install a defibrillator on the site.

It reads: "We have bought a defibrillator which we would like to permanently site on Coronation Road for use by the club and community.

"Clearly instances such as this cause us pause for thought given the expense of them."

Any information can be sent to Lancashire Police by calling 101.

Alternatively, contact info@kirkhamjuniors.co.uk.