Penwortham bar owner issues heartfelt plea to 'stand united' with local businesses after break-in

CCTV stills issued by the Lime Bar show masked men
CCTV stills issued by the Lime Bar show masked men

An investigation is underway after a popular bar in Penwortham was hit in an overnight raid, say police.

Officers were contacted after masked men attempted to smash their way into the Lime Bar Lounge on Liverpool Road just after 4am on Thursday, June 7.

CCTV stills issued by the Lime Bar show masked men

CCTV stills issued by the Lime Bar show masked men

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The burglars are said to have caused substantial damage to the premises but it is not believed they managed to steal anything in the raid.

A workman who was undertaking maintenance work at nearby restaurant Salvatores, said he spotted two male teenagers acting suspiciously in the area earlier on in the afternoon.

It is not, however, believed that thieves actually broke into the restaurant.

Owners at the Lime Bar have now made a passionate plea fore residents to "stand united" with local businesses.

A spokesman for the Lime Bar said in a post to Facebook: "We’ve got some not so great news to share with all of our amazing friends, customers and neighbours.

"We had an attempted break in with substantial damage.

"Unfortunately for the three wannabe thieves, we have lots of CCTV all around our grounds, the building, both external and internal so we’ve got a brilliant timeline of damage caused - not only to us but our neighbours too.

"Now, the good people of Penwortham and beyond. We want you to stand united with us and other local businesses.

"Do you know one of the guys? if so PM us with details. Someone may recognise a few shots we have, we are saving the rest for the police.

"Local businesses will not be defined by this, but instead we will work even stronger together and fight back.

"Help us, support local, make Penwortham better."

The news comes after a man broke into the Post Office at around 12.45am on Tuesday, June 5.

Police say a man had entered the building and searched the property. He later made off from the scene.

It is not known if the break-ins are linked.

Investigations are on-going. Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.