Man who kicked dog and had a fight with owner will miss birth of his child

Aiden DalyAiden Daly
Aiden Daly
A dad-to-be has been jailed for repeatedly kicking the pet dog of a man he had previously brandished an 18 inch machete at.

Preston Crown Court heard Aiden Francis Daly, 21, of no fixed abode, was given a 16 month jail term suspended for two years in January after admitting an affray in May last year in which he waved the weapon at Jordan Reynolds.

But just over a month later he committed further offences against Mr Reynolds and his pet dog when he saw them outside a shop in Leyland, Preston Crown Court was told.

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He admits causing unnecessary suffering to the dog, a public order offence, and breaching a suspended jail term.

Paul Cummings, prosecuting, said: "The defendant knows a man called Jordan Reynolds involved in the case from last May. As a result of that case it was said he was still very upset with Mr Reynolds

"At the time in February these offences were committed he found himself outside McColl's where he saw Reynolds. He saw Mr Reynolds tie up his dog and go into the shop. He said before the complainant went in there he thought he had been staring at him and that made him upset.

"He knew that dog could be vicious because he had been bitten by it previously but nevertheless he decided to kick it.

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" When Mr Reynolds came out he said: 'Kick the dog again and see what happens.'

" A fight then took place outside the shop. A scuffle took place on the pavement. After that came to an end he went over again and kicked the dog and then he walked away."

Recorder David Swinnerton was told Daly, who is subject to supervision, smirked when probation officers had tried to assist him and had said: "Probation makes me laugh."

He jailed him for 19 months, including the previous 16 month term, meaning he will miss the birth of his first child, and said: "You are 21 and are already amassing a lengthy criminal record. Since 2009 you've have 25 convictions for 44 offences.

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" Not only were you on breach of the order, you had offended against the same person."

Darren Lee Smith, defending, said: He appreciates he must take a realistic approach. He has asked me to say there are a number of significant changes in his life where he has additional responsibilities."

He revealed Daly's partner was pregnant with their first child.