Man and woman caught having ‘noisy sex’ in the grounds of Preston Minster

A man and woman who were caught having ‘noisy sex’ against the buttresses of a historic Preston church have admitted outraging public decency.

By Stef Hall
Friday, 25th October 2019, 8:50 am
Hayley Williams and Matthew Dusic had sex in the grounds of the Minster
Hayley Williams and Matthew Dusic had sex in the grounds of the Minster

Hayley Williams, 47, of Oxford Street, Preston, and Matthew Dusic, 36, of Bootle Street, Preston, were seen in the throes of passion by a witness who was clearing rubbish from the grounds of Preston Minster on Church Street, on October 4.

Preston Magistrates’ Court was told Dusic had initially lied to police when confronted because he had another “lady friend” at the time and did not want her to find out.

Malcolm Isherwood, prosecuting, said: “The grounds of the church at night are well lit by spotlights so despite the fact it might have been dark the grounds were well lit up.

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“The witness went to Preston Minster in order to meet some friends at 6.50pm but they were delayed and as a result the witness used the time to clear some litter from the grounds of the Minster.

“He collected litter for two to three minutes, then carried the litter over to a large skip, and as he did so he noticed a male and female lying on the ground between two buttresses, about five metres away from him.

“From the actions he was able to see, and the sounds he was able to hear, it was perfectly plain to him they were engaged in a sexual act.

“Indeed the volume of it was loud enough to hear when he went back to his vehicle 10 metres away.

“He decided it was inadvisable to get involved with the two people concerned so he contacted the police.

“Fortunately the act had stopped just before a group of young girls passed through the area.”

He called the police and the court heard Dusic had pulled up his trousers before officers arrived and denied the offence.

During police interview, he admitted kissing and cuddling Williams because she was upset.However, Williams told officers they had began getting intimate with a coat over them which, she said, may have fallen off.

Williams told officers she was upset and had been drinking vodka and cans before meeting him at the benches at the library.

Dusic’s defence lawyer said both were now an item and that he regretted what had happened.

The case has been adjourned to November 8 for a pre-sentence report to be written.(proceeding)