Leyland man fulled by Red Bull and vodka vandalises cars belonging to pub landlord and DJ

Barrister's pub, Leyland
Barrister's pub, Leyland

A pub punter who trashed two pub workers cars told police he ‘couldn’t remember’ if he was responsible for the damage as he was drunk on vodka and Red Bulls.

Luke Yates, of Bannister Drive, Leyland, has pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage after an incident at the Barrister’s public house on Towngate, Leyland.

Preston Magistrates’ Court was told he damaged the wing mirrors of two cars, valued at £150 and £200, after a disturbance on August 24.

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Prosecuting, Tracy Yates said reports were made to police that the 30-year-old had been causing issues outside The Barrister’s pub in Leyland.

He was asked to leave the premises, and did so.

But a short time later he was then seen on CCTV to kick the wing mirrors of cars belonging to the landlord of the premises, Justin Protheroe, and Thomas King, who was DJing at the venue, leaving the mirrors hanging off by the wiring.

Police attended the pub to speak to Yates, who told them he had been celebrating a christening earlier in the day and had been drinking.

Yates, who has six previous convictions for nine offences, said the last thing he remembered was dancing in the Barristers, and could not remember vandalising the cars.

When confronted with the CCTV footage he said he didn’t know why he had done it.

The chairman of the bench said she had considered the circumstances.

He has been ordered to pay fines totalling £333, along with a £33 victim surcharge, and £85 prosecution costs.

He was ordered to pay £150 compensation to the landlord and a further £200 compensation to the DJ.