Lewd image is scrawled on village church door

An appeal for CCTV footage has been made after vandals scrawled a lewd image on a village church's new door.

The graffiti attack on the church door
The graffiti attack on the church door

The yobs targeted the door at St Michaels and All Angels Church in Croston.

In what was seemingly a broad daylight attack, they used black marker pen on the wooden door which made it difficult to remove the crudely-drawn image of male genitalia.

It is thought the same people also started a fire in nearby woods.

The incident was posted on the Croston News public Facebook page with the message: "The new beautiful door of our church has been vandalised. This is the door facing Bishop Chester Wood. Also they tried to start a fire. This is the worst vandalism ever seen. If anyone has any CCTV footage and you live close to the church please can you check.."

Outraged residents slammed the culprits.

June Welch commented: "Just what is happening in our lovely villages ?"

Jacqui Crook said: "This is disgusting, what is going on in this world, honestly if I found the person who did this I would make him feel so embarrassed, that he would not do this again, Saying he may be wrong, whomever, I hope they read this page."

Maureen Le Marinel said: "Absolutely no respect for the church, the community or themselves they should be very ashamed and the parents should be checking pockets for pens and then naming and shaming."

The graffiti is thought to have been put on the door on Easter Monday afternoon.