Lancashire residents react to shocking footage of violent street arrest

Yesterday, a film which seems to show a teenage girl being violently restrained by police officers in Accrington was circulated on social media.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 10:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 11:30 am
Image taken from the video of the arrest

Lancashire Police has promised a full investigation into the video which appears to show a police officer striking a teenage girl.

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WATCH: Investigation after police officer's 'open handed strike' of 14-year-old ...

“It is very easy to judge from the side lines without the full facts when you’ve never been in a similar situation yourself. These are your police officers and they are here to keep you safe. They do not come to work to be assaulted and they have my full support.

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Image taken from the video of the arrest

“Perhaps those filming the incident may have better used their time helping the officers to calm the situation.”

Here is how you reacted to the story on social media:

The 'child' is old enough to know what she is doing is wrong and therefore if reasonable force is required due to her behaviour her age should not be a consideration. She assaulted an officer and continued to resist arrest. Her behaviour is disgusting.

Beth Airey

One very aggressive and angry child... She needed to be taken off the streets. The fact 2 officers had to try and contain her whilst watching their own backs tells us a lot about our modern society. Things need to change...

Shell Chapman

It has to be said that Chief Constable Andy Rhodes won't back an officer who can not Justify their own actions , Home office approved tactics still have to be justified by the officer executing the manoeuvre.

Christ Peter James Hough

She went for his taser. Completely justified. The police can’t do their job if they’re going to be reprimanded for doing it, if this had happened in the states she’d be looking down the barrel of a gun if she’s lucky

Callus Freeman

Absolutely justified. Just because you’re 14 if you play big people games expect big people prizes.

Well done Lancs Police there will be a public uproar if any of the officers are disciplined

Pete Jones

Well done to that officer. More like him needed. Too much emphasis on young people’s rights and not enough on their responsibilities. Actions have consequences. Hope she learns from this! Shame there wasn’t a police dog on scene. She wouldn’t have behaved like that then!

Glenys Harley

I'm now 48yrs old - I have never been in trouble with the police as I was brought up to respect others and have morals. My 2 sons have been brought up the same way. At ages 20 and 28 the only interaction they have ever had with the bods in blue was at open days and fairs.

Nickki Beech

Reasonable force used in a difficult and very vulnerable situation. No excuse for baying crowd should all of been arrested for inciting a riot

Michael Andrew Edwards

Uk police have a right to defend themselves with reasonable force especially when confronted with a baying mob of yobs. Better several officers take someone under control safely with no one being hurt than 1 copper flooring the yob!

Pete Carney

I would be so embarrassed if this was my child. She would have got more than a slap off me. This is the sort of behaviour from kids now as they no there is no real punishment any more. We have a generation of entitled brats because a soft soap attitude is taken now

Sharon Topping

There is never an excuse to hit a child, this creates cop haters

Louis Riley

2 cop vs 1 child. There is never an excuse to hit a child, this creates cop haters

Louis Riley