Lancashire Police net 26 guns in first four days of new firearm amnesty

HAUL: Some of the guns handed in 18 months agoHAUL: Some of the guns handed in 18 months ago
HAUL: Some of the guns handed in 18 months ago
Five shotguns and three pistols are among the weapons surrendered in the first four days of Lancashire's firearm amnesty this week.

Police say a total of 26 guns and 235 different types of ammunition have been handed in at the 24 collection points across the county.

The new campaign, called “Give Up The Gun,” has been launched following the success of a similar amnesty in 2014 which netted more than 100 firearms and almost 3,500 rounds of ammo.

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Officers are hoping to take even more weaponry out of circulation this time during the two weeks of the latest appeal.

Chief Inspector Mark Baines said: “Following on from the success of the 2014 surrender, taking more than 100 firearms off our streets, this is another opportunity for people to do the right thing and get rid of these potentially deadly weapons. The message really is simple – give up the gun, help us save lives and keep our communities gun free.

“Even though many firearms in Lancashire are legitimately licensed, we know that there are still many unlawfully held. We would encourage people to come forward and help us to stop these weapons from falling into the hands of criminals.”

In addition to the five shotguns and three handguns, there have been four starting pistols, five air pistols, seven air rifles and two BB guns surrendered.