Lancashire man arrested at Manchester Airport minutes before jetting off on holiday to Greece

Police officers from Chorley captured a wanted man at Manchester Airport – just moments before the suspect was to jet off on his holidays to Greece.

The 26-year-old suspect had checked in at the airport for ‘10 days in the sun’ on an Easy Jet flight to Greece, said Sgt Harrison, of Chorley Police.

But as he relaxed at the bar sipping a pint of lager, he had no idea he would be spending the night in custody in Preston instead.

Unknown to him, the Police National Computer at the airport check-in had alerted police that the holiday goer was wanted.

The 26-year-old was arrested at Manchester Airport just minutes before jetting off for 10 days in the sun on an Easy Jet flight to Greece

Within minutes, Chorley Police were on the M61 heading for Manchester Airport.

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“The man was excited,” said Sgt Harrison, of Chorley Police.

"He had picked up his passport the day before and was ready for a last minute extravaganza.

“So happy to be there, he decided to go to the bar and enjoy a pint of lager.

“Unfortunately for this man his day was about to turn to ruins.

“He was wanted on the Police National Computer in connection with an incident in Chorley.

“Chorley Police were notified and the great Neighbourhood Task Force attended the airport with Greater Manchester Police.

"They scoured the area for the suspect only to find him returning from the toilet to finish off his lager.

“The man was duly arrested and taken to Preston custody, instead of the beautiful sights of Greece.

“The moral of the story is not commit crime in Chorley or Lancashire. We will find you and it may be at the most inconvenient of times!”

Sgt Harrison confirmed that the wanted man never did get to finish his pint of lager.