KNIFE CRIME: Chilling memories of a Lancashire chief inspector

Chief Insp Steve Sansbury with knives recovered during a recent amnesty
Chief Insp Steve Sansbury with knives recovered during a recent amnesty
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There’s a memory that sticks vividly in the mind of Ch Insp Steve Sansbury of Lancashire Police when it comes to knife crime and young people.

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As a young officer he remembers attending an incident where a 15-year-old boy stuck a penknife into another boy’s chest.

Ch Insp Steve Sansbury recalls: “They were having an argument and the lad thrust his penknife into the other lad’s chest.

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“It nicked an artery and the other boy bled out quickly and died at the scene.

“This teenager never intended to kill the boy but his actions led to a devastating outcome.”

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Ch Insp Sansbury, who runs knife amnesties at the force, says there is never a good reason for carrying a knife in a school.

He says: “Some young people may think it is a form of protection against bullying, others may bring in unusual knives for a completely innocent reason and others may feel they need to bolster their reputation by carrying a knife.

“But none of these reasons are good reasons and the potential consequence of a knife being used on you or against you or even if you are found in possession of it could potentially ruin the rest of your life.

“You could end up with a criminal record and someone could end up with life changing injuries or even dead.

“We take the issue of knife crime seriously because we know the potential outcomes.

“Luckily, we do not appear to have a serious problem with knife crime and young people.

“However, if schools are not reporting possession of a weapon data, it is difficult to assess the issue.

“If schools are not reporting the lower level carrying of knives and sharp weapons of pupils to us, the onus is on them [the schools] to deal with it adequately.”