Keep away from ‘extremely dangerous’ derelict Lancaster hospital, police warn

Police have warned people to stay away from the former Ridge Lea Hospital buildings.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 10:08 am
Updated Thursday, 14th April 2022, 11:09 pm

In a message sent via the police’s In the Know email alerts, PCSO Martin Miller said the building is in an “extrremely dangerous state of repair” and has asbestos, lead paint and glass strewn across the floors.

He said: “It has come to our attention that people have been gaining access to the derelict Ridge Lea hospital at the end of Stone Row Head in Lancaster.

"This building is now in an extremely dangerous state of repair and contains asbestos and lead paint which is mostly broken up on the floors.

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The vacant Ridge Lea Hospital. A planning application for demolition stated it was inadvisable or the photographer to enter the buildings. Photo: Lancaster City Council planning documents

“The floors and roof are unsafe and there is glass smashed all over the grounds.

“We must urge people not to go anywhere near this building.”

The hospital, which closed in September 2016, has been vacant for many years.

In January, Lancaster City Council refused a request for the property to be demolished.