Jail for lying roofer who claimed victim was 'trying to defraud him'

Ryan KnowlesRyan Knowles
Ryan Knowles
A rogue trader is starting a 24 week prison term.

Preston Crown Court heard Ryan Knowles, 34, of Rutland Avenue, Lancaster, aggressively accused a 59-year-old woman of “trying to defraud him” when she contacted him to say a leak in her roof he had fixed was leaking rainwater, and never returned to complete other work.

Knowles, who has previous similar convictions, admitted two unfair trading charges over omissions over consumers rights to a cancellation period, and two of providing a false business address, after a probe by Trading Standards.

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Victim Maggie Painter, who was recovering from shoulder surgery, had contacted Knowles to look at a leak in her roof.

Prosecuting, Jack Troup said: “He insisted on being paid £20 for the work he had already done but failed to provide Ms Painter with any paperwork for the work undertaken or the work he had contracted to do on the Monday.

“The defendant failed to notify her of her legal entitlement to a 14 day cancellation period, as a result Ms Painter felt she was bound by the agreement to finish the work on the following Monday.”

She paid him £220, and was then told of “further problems” with her roof. Ms Painter also asked him to complete work on her guttering and a price of £980 was agreed.

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Knowles failed to return to complete the guttering and days later she noticed the roof leaking again in the same place.

A man also complained to Trading Standards in October 2017 regarding £500 work carried out by Knowles at his 92-year-old mother’s house - again with the bogus address given on the receipt.