Jail for car dealer who drove stolen Audi S5

A car trader has been jailed for two years after admitting receiving a stolen £22,500 Audi that was taken in a burglary.
Sessions HouseSessions House
Sessions House

Ashley Wilding, 30, of Tudor Avenue in Penwortham, was caught out when his girlfriend crashed the flash car and wrote it off.

He also admitted charges of driving without insurance and dangerous driving in a separate incident.

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Judge Mukhtar Hussain, who imposed a three year ban and retest, said they were “serious and “professional” offences.

Prosecuting at Preston’s Sessions House Court, Kimberley Obrusik said: “On June 22, 2015 there was a dwelling burglary at the home of a Mr and Mrs Gaskell, during which an Audi S5 convertible was stolen. It had been bought only 10 days earlier and was valued at £22,500.

“It was not until August 23 that the vehicle was located. The defendant’s partner, who was driving the vehicle, had collided with a tree and the vehicle was written off.

“The vehicle was seized and upon examination was found to have stickers over the VIN numbers with incorrect VIN numbers. Quite obviously it had been tampered with.”

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The day after his police interview Wilding was involved in a dangerous driving incident in Morecambe after CCTV operatives spotted seven people piling into a car - including the boot.

Ms Obrusik said: “An officer approached the car and it failed to stop. It had no lights on despite it being 3.10am. He illuminated his lights and began to give chase but was unable to catch it - it was reaching 80mph in a 20mph zone.”

Defending, John Woodward, said he “dabbles with the trade via e-Bay and Auto Trader” and had been trying to impress his new flame.