Jail for biting amputee who told PC: ' I'm going to give you what I've got'

John SmedleyJohn Smedley
John Smedley
A hepatitis C sufferer whose false leg was detached during a fracas told a police officer: ' I'm going to give you what I've got' before sinking his teeth into him.

John Smedley, 38, of Seven Stars Road, Leyland, bit PC Mike Dowd’s leg outside the Railway pub in Preston Road, Leyland last June.

The wounded officer needed to have prophylaxsis treatment, a hepatitis booster vaccine and antibiotics before being given the all clear last December.

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Smedley, who sat in the dock in his wheelchair, was jailed for two years, and is excluded from the pub for 18 months.

Recorder Timothy Hannam said: “ This was a disgusting display of public drunken violence which led to an assault on a police officer who was simply trying to do his duty in difficult circumstances.

“The scene was an unpleasant and shocking one.

“He suffered the trauma, fear and anguish that he may have contracted that disease for six months.”

Prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, Karl Berry said: “On arrival the officer found a somewhat chaotic scene with individuals remonstrating with doorstaff and a generally aggressive atmosphere.

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“One male came to PC Dowd’s attention. Initially he was stood up and trying to punch people around him

“He noticed his prosthetic limb lying on floor nearby. He noted him acting in an extremely aggressive manner.

“The incident took place whilst the defendant was on the floor lashing out at people. The view of PC Dowd was the defendant was not going to calm down and he was going to be arrested for being drunk and disorderly. He’s described as resisting violently.

The court heard Smedley grabbed PC Dowd’s leg as he crouched by him to restrain him, and shouted: “I’m going to give you what I’ve got” before repeatedly biting into his shin. Others struck Smedley to get him to release his bite and he bared his teeth.

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In interview he said he did not recall the incident happening.

Smedley who was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm, has a previous offence of biting a custody officer.

Defending, Joanne Shepherd said: “Initially hes trying to act an a peacemaker between tow women.

“It was only after losing his prosthetic leg that then suffered taunts from people who were stood around and clearly the atmosphere was difficult for someone in his position unable to get away.”

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Smedley plunged 30ft when he stood and slipped on Blackpool’s seawall opposite the Savoy Hotel in July 2011.

He suffered severe spine and leg injuries and his leg was eventually amputated in December 2013 after failing to heal.