Intruder prowls as children sleep in bed

A would-be night-time intruder tries his luck with the handle on the front door of a Leyland house.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th October 2018, 4:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 4:16 am
Would be intruder tries the door of a house in Leyland in the early hours
Would be intruder tries the door of a house in Leyland in the early hours

The CCTV image has shocked the homeowner – but it’s one of many similar incidents in the Leyland area.

A spate of attempted break-ins has prompted the police to issue a security warning, while worried residents have posted messages on social media warning families to be on their guard.

This image was shared by worried Leyland resident Krissy Hodgkinson, of Worden Park Estate. The CCTV image shows a man trying to get into her house in the early hours.

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Krissy, a founder the Leyland Hub public Facebook group, said: “People are on alert. They are very much more aware of it and it seems to be this time of year.

“One of our cars looked like it had been ransacked this time last year.”

She said she was “absolutely fuming” when she saw the CCTV. “This shows how important it is to lock the doors. God knows who he is and what he or they would’ve done if it was unlocked,”she said.

Krissy passed the CCTV to police, adding: “They responded saying there have been similar incidents in the area.”

She said a neighbour had a video showing men trying three houses on the street.

In another chilling social media post, a mum spoke of her shock after a sneak thief broke into her house and went upstairs where her children were sleeping – as she sat in the lounge.

Alison Crossley, of Queensway, Leyland, warned on the Leyland Memories Facebook public group: “Somebody has been in my house tonight on Queensway, Leyland.

“We were in the lounge and they’ve taken Ugg boots from the hallway.”

She also pointed out that the culprit had been upstairs “where my kids were sleeping,” adding: “Only know cos it stank of fags and we don’t smoke!

“Lock your windows and doors please everyone!”

South Ribble councillor Matthew Tomlinson represents Brodfield ward.

He said: “I’ve seen these comments on social media and obviously it’s a worry.

“People need to be vigilant and ensure their doors are locked at night.”

He added: “Usually the people that are doing these kinds of things are well known to the police and hopefully this type of thing won’t last very long.

“In the meantime, people need to be more aware of their own security. People need ot take notice.”

Police say there has not been a spike in crime in the area.

Sergant Anthony Burgess, of the South Ribble Police Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “South Ribble Police, whilst working with our partners, remain committed to the prevention and detection of crime in Leyland and South Ribble.

“Whilst there has been no significant increase in crime, there has been a recent spate of bicycle thefts around Leyland which we are investigating.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind the public to remain vigilant. Take crime prevention steps, such as securing your vehicles and bicycles when unattended, do not leave valuable items on show and take reasonable steps to secure your property.

“Please be conscious of your privacy on social media and the personal information you post.

“You can also follow the South Ribble Police Facebook or Twitter pages or sign up to’ In The Know’. This contains current and relevant information on crime, its prevention, other incidents and police activity.”