Hoax caller diverts precious police resources from calls in Preston

A hoax caller wasted precious police resources
A hoax caller wasted precious police resources

A hoax caller, who claimed their friend had been stabbed in Preston, pulled vital officers resources away from other jobs, say police.

Several officers were sent to search for the "victim" after the hoax call was made at around 9pm on Wednesday, July 11.

But frustrated officers say, it was soon discovered that the call was not genuine.

Sgt. James Hesketh for Preston Police said: "We took a call from someone claiming that their friend been stabbed.

"Multiple officers had to leave other incidents they were already investigating to try and find the victim and suspect only to find that it was a hoax call.

"We were experiencing a very high number of calls and were doing our best to get to all of them.

"Wasting police time is a serious offence, and offenders can expect at least a £90 fine at best, or a day in court at worst. Please think."