'˜He deserves a second chance' - Your views on convicted gangland killer's plans for a Preston youth centre

A convicted murderer today revealed ambitious plans to open a £300,000 youth centre in Preston.

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 8:24 am
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 3:40 pm
Stephen Mellor wants to turn at risk children away from a life of crime

At the age of 18, gang member Stephen Mellor was involved in the bloodbath killing of John Dookie outside the Variety pub in 1997 - but the 41-year-old says he has changed his ways and now wants to help youngsters in the city at risk of becoming involved in gang activity.

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'Reformed' murderer: I want to open £300k youth centre in Preston

He said: “My passion lies within guiding these youths off the path I chose. I think there’s always going to be negative thoughts about my background. Yes I was involved in a terrible thing at 18, but I have this chance in my life to ensure others don’t follow that path.”

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Definitely has changed his life around. Good luck with your plan.

Andrew Duffy

Good luck to you. People in jail can change.

Georgina McDonald

Good luck to the guy, hope he’s successful in his plans.

James Alford

Glad that this is a negative that will turn to a positive for others.

Jennie Greenwood

Good on you, children need direction especially these days.

Stewart Hampton

Although a great idea to help young teens it must be very difficult for the victim’s family to see this.

Anna McKenzie

What an amazing thing to do. The streets of Preston are becoming increasingly scary for good kids growing up that are scared to go out just in case they are targeted.

Tracey Stags

No better way to be taught right from wrong than from the person who did the wrong and lost a great deal of their youth. Good on him.

Gemma Mountford

Everybody deserves a second chance. He was a kid himself when he did this horrendous act. I hope that he can help others with this youth centre, help other young people to see that education can help them towards a positive future.

Georgia Daly

This is great and I’m glad the prison system gave him the opportunity to change his life. Not everyone takes that opportunity.

Nic Lou Newsham

It’s not often those with a second chance turn things around and make something good after a terrible thing. I wish him every success.

Laila Ali

Used to teach us at college a few years ago, what a guy. Everyone loved him and he definitely bettered our college and the people who went there too.

Shannon Jackson

Preston needs this man to help these children! He has the personality and charisma they will listen to! He’s worked incredibly hard since those days.

Lisa Corner

This is a good idea, hope it stops crime or at least reduces it. No one is safe any more. Good luck.

Nichola Child

All the best Ste. You should be proud of yourself.

Stevie Jackson

Good on him. The only way the youth are gonna listen is from someone who’s been there themselves and suffered the highest penalty for going down the wrong line.

Hayden Jillions

Hope you can steer at least one child in the right direction and keep them out of prison good luck hope to see it open soon.

Karen Young