Fears over "serial car keyer" on the loose in Penwortham after dozens of vehicles vandalised

Police have been urged to act after dozens of cars were keyed in an overnight attack in Penwortham.

By Catherine Musgrove
Thursday, 10th March 2022, 3:45 pm

After the issue was raised by a resident of West End after the attacks between Monday evening and Tuesday, people have taken to Facebook to report damage to their vehicles in surrounding roads including Crookings Lane, Shaftesbury Avenue, Kingsway, Blundell Lane and Kensington Avenue.

It is the second time some people have been targeted, and many have now resorted to installing additional security devices around their properties.

One man, who has asked not to be named, has had his car keyed twice this year while it was parked on the road.

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Cars in West End, Penwortham, and surrounding streets have been targeted. Image: Google.

He said the damage - to all panels on both sides of his car – is likely to cost thousands to repair.

"Serial offender”

He said: "There's definitely a serial offender on the loose.

"My car first got done late at night on January 27 along with a dozen or so other cars, and then again some time between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.

Key damage to one car in the latest Penwortham attack

"This time it's a much deeper cut, and other people have remarked on the same thing."

The man said after the first incident the police were contacted and affected residents were sent a letter or email.

This week's incidents have also been reported, and the residents have been told to wait until the officer dealing with the case returns from leave.

The man added: "I'm not going to be happy if we just get an email or a standard letter this time. I want the police to take action, because whoever is doing it isn't going to stop until they're caught.

Damage like this has been reported by several people living in the Priory Estate, Penwortham

"The more people who report it, the more people who install security devices, the better.

"And when the culprit is caught, I'm going to be taking action for the cost of the damage."

The man has now installed secutity cameras at his house

He added: "It's very disheartening and causes great anxiety. Families don't feel safe."

Social media

On Facebook, other Penwortham residents have said they’ve been left “sickened” by the attack.

One woman said: “Ours was keyed too. Parked on the road on Blundell Lane between Kensington and Kingsway. Happened at some point between Monday and yesterday afternoon I think, so seems like the same person.”

Another said: “This is awful, One of my neighbours had stuff stolen from their car and another had theirs scratched. If the culprit is caught I’d go to small claims court after a criminal conviction.”

Another woman said: “Both mine and my daughter’s boyfriend’s car were keyed last night. It’s sickening. We have reported the vandalism and hope that others do too.”

Some people have questioned whether the attacks could be because cars are being parked on roads, or whether there is a more innocent explanation of a wheelchair user catching the bodywork as they travel on pavements.

Penwortham Councillor David Howarth called the vandalism “mindless” and urged those affected to contact the police in order to force action.

He said: “It’s very upsetting for people. The problem is catching them though. Even if the police increased patrols, we have no ideas when the culprit will be around.”

Lancashire Police have been contacted for comment.