Every alley gate in Preston to be reviewed

Officials are to review the use of alley gates to close off entries in Preston.

By Mike Hill
Saturday, 3rd October 2020, 12:30 pm

Preston Council has launched a consultation into how effective the gates are and whether the authority should get rid of gates or increase their use.

Over the past 20 years the authority has installed alley gates across the city in an effort to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

The purpose of a PSPOs is to reduce the occurrence and recurrence of criminal and anti-social activities in the gated alleys and adjoining areas.

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Fly tipping after an alley gate was broken in Preston in 2016

Following a change in legislation all alley gating orders made under the Highways Act 1980 which were in place before October 20, 2017 by operation of law became Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO).

PSPOs prohibit people from being ‘in’ the restricted area at all times, subject to exemptions for residents of adjoining properties.

However, under transitional arrangements contained in the new laws PSPOs will expire on October 20, 2020 unless a decision is made by Preston Council to extend them.

Coun Robert Boswell, cabinet member for environment and community safety, said: “Alley gating has been an effective tool to combat issues such as anti-social behaviour and criminality with a partnership approach between the police, local authorities and the community.

“While we appreciate the gates may not have been a fully effective solution to all issues, they seek to reassure residents by securing previously vulnerable areas.

“It’s now important that we gather views on the continued use of alley gates in Preston and the Public Space Protection Orders. Visit the council’s website to give your views before the deadline of October 14.”

A council spokesman said: “ A review and consultation process is now underway until October 14, 2020. The public is invited to contribute to the review process by offering any comments in the online PSPO consultation. We will consider all comments received before making a decision on whether the Public Spaces Protection Orders should be extended for a further three years.”

For more information visit www.preston.gov.uk/PSPO