Drunk Preston man who kicked his dog in confusion after being assaulted gets three year animal ban

A man has admitted kicking his dog - but says he was dazed after being violently assaulted.
Preston Magistrates' CourtPreston Magistrates' Court
Preston Magistrates' Court

Carl Richardson, 36, of Rose Lane, Holme Slack, Preston, got drunk at his grandad’s funeral and was later left bleeding when a man assaulted him near his home, the bench at Preston Magistrates’ Court heard.

A PC arriving at the scene on August 23, 2017, saw him with blood over his face, staggering about in the road and waving his arms before kicking his pet dog Pepper, three.

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Pepper and his other dog, Missy, six, were seized and he has now been banned from keeping animals for three years.

Richardson who previously admitted being drunk and disorderly, admitted failing to ensure her needs were met.

He told the magistrates: “I got Missy as a rescue dog – she had no fur. I got her back to how she should be.

“I love them dogs to bits.”

In his basis of plea he said he could not see properly and thought the dog was set on him.

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Defending, Emanuele Bellanca said: “Throughout this investigation his main concern has been to get the dogs back. “They are his babies, he sees them as his family.”

He was given a £50 fine, £300 costs and an £85 surcharge.

RSPCA Inspector Amy McIntosh said she was pleased with the result.