Donkey farmer blasts cruel keepers who kicked and punched the docile animals

The Wigan woman who cares for Blackpool donkeys says she has been 'sickened' by a court case involving another farmer's cruelty to the resort animals.
The farm where the abuse took place andThe farm where the abuse took place and
The farm where the abuse took place and

Covertly-filmed videos showed how the docile creatures were punched in the face, with one targeted for a running kung-fu style drop kick.

A trial at Blackpool magistrates heard that two of the donkeys had an illness untreated which led to their having to be put down.Suzzana Taylor, 48, of Fir Trees Farm in Salwick, near Preston, admitted seven offences of inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence to donkeys.

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She was found guilty of 11 further offences of failing to provide a proper environment for her donkeys, and failing to provide them with proper welfare by caring for their feet, teeth, skin and other equine illnesses, causing the donkeys pain and suffering.

Her daughter Grace Taylor, 18, was found guilty of 13 charges of cruelty to the donkeys and dogs. And Taylor’s ex-partner Andrew Lomas, 43, of Central Drive, Blackpool, admitted inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence to donkeys and was found guilty of 10 other cruelty charges. He was seen grabbing the head collar of one donkey, called Bruce, and raining punches onto its head.

The animals that were attacked were not the ones that traditionally winter at The Bell in Kitt Green.

Gillian Morris, the farmer who cares for the Wigan donkeys, said she was “appalled” by what she had heard.

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She said: “It is really upsetting to learn what has happened to these defenceless animals. It sickens me to be perfectly frank. If you don’t like animals, don’t keep them in the first place. “The Blackpool lady whose donkeys we look after over the winter is lovely. If anything they are killed with kidness. We have eight back with us now and they are always getting visitors.”

The court was played video clips taken by a neighbour and his wife, which showed donkeys being abused with sticks and whips. The animals were kicked in the stomach, and Lomas rained punches down on a donkey’s head and face as he held it. Grace Taylor was given a community order with 30 days’ rehabilitation, and must do 150 hours of unpaid work. She must also pay £500 costs.

Her mother was given a 14-week jail term, suspended for a year. She must pay £500 costs. Lomas was given 14 weeks’ jail, suspended for a year. He must do 150 hours’ unpaid work and must pay £500 costs.

All three were banned from keeping animals for three years.