Chorley Dementia day care centre has windows smashed by vandals

The charity have had to resort to putting sticky back plastic over the holes, to ensure residents do not hurt themselves.

By Aimee Seddon
Thursday, 9th September 2021, 3:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th September 2021, 6:26 pm

A dementia day-care centre based at Chorley Methodist Church, has been targeted by vandals, who have smashed through their windows with rocks.

On the 31st August, staff at Genesis Care, a charity which provides respite care for people with dementia, were shocked to be confronted by a room full of glass shards and holes in three windows.

With this being the third incident in recent years, the centre now has 5 windows that need repairing, but with delays in insurance, they have had to resort to temporary measures to ensure the safety of their residents.

Director and Company Secretary of Genesis Care, Pat Albrow, by one of the broken windows, sticky back plastic is covering the hole.

Chief Executive Lorna Bowling said: “In the past they hadn't gone through because it’s toughened glass, but this time they've actually gone completely through the window and the wire mesh that's in the windows, and I don't know how long it's going to take to replace so we stuck sticky back plastic all over it to stop them putting their fingers through it."

She added: “I was really annoyed, but I was also sad because it's right outside where there's a big sign that says 'we’re Genesis Care, looking after people and their carers', so it's not like they wouldn't have been able to know what the place was used for, that's just the sad society really, isn't it?”

The incident meant the room had to be kept out of action when it was in vital need, whilst staff were taken away from their caring duties to clear up the glass which had shattered across the whole room.

Although it has been reported to the police, they have been told it is unlikely that anything can be done to identify the culprits, so the church are considering their own measures to prevent further anti-social behaviour.

Five of their windows now need repairing thanks to local vandals.

Lorna said: “The church are now talking about cutting all the bushes down so that people can see from the road if there's anybody lurking around. It’s out of the authority’s hands, people go around the back and use it for drugs and stuff like, and the police have tried for years to stop that, but it still carries on.”

The incident comes as Chorley traders have recently called for more police presence in the town centre to tackle increased rates of vandalism amongst youths.

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Director and Company Secretary of Genesis Care, Pat Albrow, said: “You just feel disappointed, and annoyed that somebody could be mindless enough to do something like that. They don't get anything out of it, they're just causing a nuisance to the people who use the building, and who own the building, because it's the church that have to sort out the financial side of it.

Genesis Care home is based at Chorley Methodist Church, and provides support for elderly people and their carers.

“You don't need that sort of thing, and obviously, something's going on in the town as well, so whether it's the same people, or it's just encouraging other people to make a nuisance of themselves, you don't know, but we were very upset about it.”

Despite the disturbances, Genesis Care say they are still providing their essential services, which includes providing stimulating activities and therapies for older people and people with dementia, as well as offering support to carers.

Genesis Care started off as a not-for-profit organisation 15 years ago, but became a registered charity in 2016, and is now composed of a team of 6 dedicated staff.

To find out more about the services Genesis Care provide, visit their website or contact 07845969442.