Dealer chewed up SIM card during raid

A drug dealer snatched the SIM card from his phone and chewed it in his mouth as police raided his home.
Samuel HowarthSamuel Howarth
Samuel Howarth

Samuel Howarth, 29, of, Wolseley Road, Preston, has been jailed for three years at Preston Crown Court for a string of drug offences.

Howarth, wearing an Adidas jumper, was watched by his mum and other relatives in the public gallery as the court heard a warrant was executed at Longbutts in Penwortham, where he lived with his girlfriend, in March.

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Recorder Michelle Brown said: “When police arrested you, you took out a SIM card from your phone, put it in your mouth and chewed it to destroy the evidence.

“However enough phones and text messages were recovered which clearly demonstrated dealing going back to 2015.

“You are a street dealer funding at the very least your own habit, which means you intended to make a gain.

“I note in this matter you deliberately tried to destroy evidence against you.”

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In the main bedroom police found skunk cannabis with a potential value of £970 and £1,350, together with plastic bags and weighing scales.

There were also 10 cannabis plants that were “potentially viable but immature”.

On top of his fridge 26 snaps bags, containing cocaine with a value of £650 were found, and police found five further snap bags with a value of about £125 in his car outside.

Howarth admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply, producing cannabis, possessing cannabis with intent to supply and obstructing a PC

Defending, Darren Lee Smith said he had become drug free and had made attempts to improve his life.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing will take place on April 21.