COURT NEWS: Women woke to find violent ex partner in her bedroom

A woman woke to find her violent ex partner touching her leg and standing by her bed, a court has heard.
Preston Magistrates court uprightPreston Magistrates court upright
Preston Magistrates court upright

The terrified mum was subjected to various incidents at the hands Anthony Conde, following the acrimonious demise of their three year relationship and was in court in June and July.

The most recent incident happened three months after he was fined for damaging a drainpipe at her home - which in turn happened while he was subject to a discharge for smashing her window in December.

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Conde, 22, of Victoria Road, Horwich, admits criminal damage and threatening behaviour and was given 12 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months by District Judge Jane Goodwin, who was told hsi victim was “emotionally drained”.

Prosecuting, Kerry Grieve said: “On June 22 she received various texts from him in which unpleasant things were said and the victim became quite upset.

“On June 30 a message was received that he was in her bed naked and that she “best hurry up and come home”. She believed he was making a prank call but received further messages. The defendant attended her home, took pictures and sent them to her.

“On July 3 she was asleep in her home at 7am when she was awoken to the cold sensation of a hand touching her leg. She looked up to find the defendant standing next to her bed. “She began shouting “Get out of my house” and realised he must have gained forced entry.

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“He appeared calm, smoking a cigarette. He said he wanted to catch her in bed with another person.

On July 5 he followed her into the town centre and said: “Turn round and speak to me or I’m going to bounce this brick off your head.”