BREAKING: Hillsborough trial - hung jury in Preston Crown Court over Duckenfield but Mackrell guilty of a health and safety offence

Crown Court
Crown Court

Jurors at Preston Crown Court have been discharged after failing to reach a verdict in the case of match commander David Duckenfield.

Duckenfield was accused of the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool fans.

But the jury found Graham Mackrell GUILTY of a health and safety breach linked to the 1989 football disaster.

'Hung jury' means that required majority of jury unable to agree on a verdict one way or another. The CPS will now carefully consider the position - it may decide to proceed with a retrial against Duckenfield, but it may also decide not to proceed.

It is understood the prosecution will seek a retrial of David Duckenfield.

Ninety-six men, women and children died in the crush in pens at the Leppings Lane end of the Sheffield Wednesday ground at the match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.