Boyfriend's heart-breaking tribute to Ellen

The boyfriend of tragic college student Ellen Higginbottom has paid a heart-rending tribute to her as police continue to quiz two men over her alleged murder.
Ellen Higginbottom, 18Ellen Higginbottom, 18
Ellen Higginbottom, 18

Ryan Warren, who lives in Golborne, shared memories of their relationship and spoke of their love in a beautiful and emotional Facebook post. He wrote of his grief at Ellen’s death and sadness they would not be able to put into action their plans for the future.

He also praised the police for their efforts in trying to bring Ellen’s killer or killers to justice and everyone who turned out in force to look for her when she was reported missing last Friday evening.

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Ryan wrote: “Ellen, the past two years of knowing you have been the best years of my life. I am so incredibly honoured to have been such a big part in your life. I have made so many amazing memories with you that I will forever cherish and will remain in my heart.

“You have been my rock when I needed someone to keep me down to earth, but also let me spread my wings when I needed to, a shoulder for me to cry on.

“I honestly would not be the man I am now if it wasn’t for you. You were my nugget, my beautiful girl and I loved you. Everyone loved you, I’m so sorry that the world has taken you far too young when you had so much to give to everyone.

“There isn’t one person I can name that didn’t get along with Ellen. Her bubbly, happy, flamboyant personality and witty humour made her precious to so many. Ellen is such a kind and gentle person and would never hurt anyone, always putting people before her.

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“I cannot begin to put into words the roller-coaster of emotions that hit us all in waves and I know that you will be sorely missed by everyone.

“I loved you Ellen, I wanted to travel the world with you and explore like we planned, I’m so sorry that I cannot take you to all those amazing places we wanted to see. You were cruelly taken from us too soon and it really hurts. The world is currently undergoing lots of tragic events, some closer to home than others, I am just truly sorry that this all happened to you, an innocent young girl who didn’t deserve to go this way, this soon.

“I would like to thank you for welcoming me into your warm and loving family and letting me share in being a part of them as well as being a truly special part of our family who will miss you all dearly but hold you forever in our hearts.

“I would like to thank all the amazing friends we have and the support everyone is showing as I don’t think you all understand how much it helps to know you are there for us and how much Ellen praised you all.

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“I would like to especially thank the members of the community and local high school who helped search the park into the early hours of the next day and all the courageous friends who came along as well to spend their evenings helping too, we really couldn’t have asked for more.

“I would also like to thank the incredible actions of all the great police men and women who have spent countless hours helping bring those responsible to justice.

“Ellen, I loved you, we all loved you, sleep well and may we meet again. I am lost for words and lost without you, I miss you so much right now but I am humbled by the fact that I know you will be looking down on us all.”