Blackpool fraudster gave his friend's details to police after being stopped for an offence

A convicted credit card scammer has been back before the courts for perjury - just six weeks after being handed a lengthy jail term for fraud.
Crown CourtCrown Court
Crown Court

Kyle Brandon Connor Jenkins, 22, Wembley Avenue, Blackpool, gave his friend's details when he was stopped in Preston for a driving offence, Preston Crown Court heard.

He was jailed a month ago by St Alban's Crown Court, alongside pal Fabian Mara, after the duo admitted a string of frauds.

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But he appeared before Preston Crown Court by video link from Preston prison, where he is serving four years and eight months for the scam in which he and Mara telephoned victims purporting to be bank staff .

They convinced them to hand over their card to a 'courier' who attended their address, before buying goods on the cards..

Emma Keogh, prosecuting, said Jenkins had been stopped in a Peugeot on London Road, Preston, on January 16 - which predates the fraud sentencing.

He only had a provisional licence and was not displaying L-plates or being supervised, but gave his friend's details to police.

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The other person was visited and it became apparent it was not him when photographs were looked at for both offences.

She added: " He made a full and frank admission, he only had a provisional licence and he would have given his friend some money had he been prosecuted for the offences.

"He would have given him some money for taking the rap for him.

"The false details were given with the intention of perverting the course of justice because had his friend been summonsed he would have paid him off."

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Jenkins pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, driving without insurance and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

Beverley Hackett, defending, said he is estranged from the family as his mother had asked him to leave because of the trouble he was getting himself into.

Judge Andrew Woolman imposed six points on licence and two months in prison but it will run concurrently to his current longer jail term.

He said :" You lied to police officers. Fortunately it didn't lead to very much

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"All offences of deceiving police about who you are are serious, they nearly always attract a custodial sentence.

"But you're serving a serious sentence for fraud and I'm not going to add to that."

Jenkins replied: "Thank you, thank you."