'Ban dogs from pubs, or muzzle them in pubs' - Reaction after five-year-old girl attacked by a dog in Penwortham pub

Many Post readers have called for dogs to be banned from pubs following the attack on a 5 year-old girl in a Penwortham pub at the weekend.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 11:59 am
Updated Friday, 5th October 2018, 2:33 am
The Fleece Inn

Police and paramedics were called to the Fleece Inn in Liverpool Road at 3.25pm on Sunday, September 30, 2018 following reports that a child had been bitten by a dog.

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Girl, 5, treated for facial injuries after dog attack in pub

The child was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment for facial injuries.

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The Fleece Inn

Here are just some of the comments from readers:

'Maybe people who would like to own a dog, should have to have some training to actually look after the dog & deal with its behaviour.'All breeds are different & require a different level of care - maybe there wouldn't be as many dog attacks from dogs who haven't been appropriately trained by ignorant owners. 'Dawn Brotherton

'I hope the child is alright, but as a lady who grew up in the country its not a new thing, many country pubs allow well behaved dogs, in the pub its a great way to create business as walkers will often stop off after or during a good walking day out with their dog. The problem comes when more town type pubs allow dogs as the owners aren't always the most responsible, ma y have no training and aren't used to the busy environment.'Gemma Louise Hill

'Time to ditch this “dogs allows in pubs “ rubbish'Poor girl ..'Ray Mac

'And this is why Wetherspoons banned dogs from its pubs'Mark Fenerty

'How many attacks happen in pubs from actual drinking customers in there??? Ban them too?? I bet much more than dogs...'Evette Moyles-Metcalf

'Dogs should not be allowed in any pubs. The dog needs to be put down, and the owner punished.'John Ford

'Dogs are often allowed country pubs, for many years, think it depends on the type of pub. Wetherspoon types are not really suitable as kids are always running round and there are play areas. I used to take mine all the time to country pubs when i'd been walking, my daughter and sister do as well and never seen any problems.'Roberta Snape

'I've taken dogs in pubs many times and will carry on'Ste Clayton

'Hopefully the little girl makes a full recovery. 'Don't know the details of this case from that report but sometimes dog owners need to be more vigilant when out in public, especially if a child has a stuffed toy in their hands that the dog can misinterpret as a cue to play.'Chris Williams

'Firstly and most importantly I hope the little one is ok. Secondly maybe the answer is to put a muzzle on dogs, whilst in the pub.'Joany Positive O'Connor

'It's unacceptable to have dogs in pubs or restaurants. Outside in the beer gardens, on a lead- fine.'Steph Redman

'I have young children and a dog, my dog has not once attacked my children. Dogs shouldn’t be allowed inside pubs. It’s not as if it was a fri or sat night late and the little girl was in the pub it was a Sunday children should be allowed in pubs!'Simona Whittle

'Ban dogs from pubs, or muzzle them in pubs Also kept on a lead not everyone likes dogs'Poor little girl x'Kerry Moss

'Sorry to hear about the little girl hope she gets better soon! But there is more children/Adults killed and injured by cars and on pushbikes so do we ban them off the public roads as they are far more dangerous!'Kevin Crossey

'It’s a pub that serves food, a family pub for families, children included. I find it quite gross to have someone’s dog begging food near by when I have paid to eat a meal and to also be constantly watching someone else’s dog to make sure they don’t decide to bite my children, whilst the owner is oblivious drinking pints.'Kim Kirby

'Should ban children from pubs!'Sue McCall