ARE THEY CRAZY: Four risk lives climbing Blackpool's Big One rollercoaster

A daredevil climber has defended risking the lives of himself and three friends after they scaled the Big One rollercoaster.
At the top of the Big OneAt the top of the Big One
At the top of the Big One
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Pleasure Beach bosses today warned daredevils they were risking their lives afte...

Ally Law from Southampton was among a gang of four men, all aged between 18 and 20, who broke into the Pleasure Beach before clambering up the steepest part of the track to the top of the rollercoaster.

He used a head camera to film the stunt which they did without any ropes or protection.
At one point, one of the group, stepped out onto a metal outcrop with a sheer drop 200 feet below.
On the way down, they can be seen spotting security guards and trying to escape but are stopped by police just outside the park.
Ally, who posted the heart-stopping video on Youtube, told The Gazette: “I had just got back to England after travelling for six months, and my friend told me about the Big One.
“We travelled to Blackpool for the sole purpose of climbing it.

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“We weren’t sure how hard it would have been to get in though. We spent an hour or so planning a way in and the best way to climb it.

“Luckily the weather conditions were perfect and we were able to climb up the tracks.
“We have been doing this for years.
“It’s obviously dangerous, I’m not going to take that away from it but falling doesn’t go through my mind, the same as crashing a car doesn’t go through a driver’s mind.
“I know my limits and I would never put myself in a situation I wasn’t 110 per cent confident with.”
After being stopped by police, the four were all given warnings.
When details of the incident, which occurred at 9.30pm on Saturday July 22 after the park had closed, first emerged, Pleasure Beach bosses issued a warning to those who had taken part in the stunt.
They said the incident had been “terribly dangerous”.
The gang were spotted by staff at the Big Blue hotel who raised the alarm with security staff at the park.
Ally has previously scaled structures including a crane in Dubai as well as climbing tall buildings in Australia and Hong Kong.