Angry mum appeals for information after driver who struck her son, 11, drove away

A furious mother has appealed for information on the driver who left her son injured by the side of the road.
Micky CarterMicky Carter
Micky Carter

Eleven-year-old Michael Carter has been left with a chipped bone in his leg after he was hit by a car as he walked home from school in Preston.

Although the motorist stopped and asked if the boy was OK, mum Katie Pickering, 33, is furious that the driver then drove off and left him, without seeking help or reporting the accident.

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Michael – known as Micky – has been left in a plaster cast after medics found the impact had caused a chipped bone in his leg.

The mum-of-four said: “The man got out and asked if my son was okay. My son said yes and was shaken up and the man offered him a lift. Understandably he didn’t accept it because he has been warned about strangers. But after that he has just left him there on the side of the road, on his own.

“I can’t believe he wouldn’t at least try to call his parent or school, or get help from the medical centre. He should have reported it to the police.”

The accident happened on Skeffington Road, crossing onto Lowthorpe Road, in Deepdale, Preston, on Wednesday, November 8, between 3.40 pm and 4.05pm.

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The youngster, who has just started at Moor Park High School, limped back to his home in the Holme Slack area, and was later taken to hospital, where doctors put a cast on his leg.

He has been unable to return to school as he awaits a further medical appointment.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We were called following an incident in which a boy was struck by a car. We understand the driver stopped and offered the boy a lift home but unfortunately did not leave his details.

“We would ask anyone who saw the accident, or the driver himself, to come forward so we can establish what happened.”