"Absolutely disgusting. 3 year ban... should be a lifetime ban!!": Blackpool's beach donkeys subjected to a regime of cruelty and denied proper treatment

This story has certainly enraged our readers.
Fir Trees Farm, where the donkeys were kept - and seized fromFir Trees Farm, where the donkeys were kept - and seized from
Fir Trees Farm, where the donkeys were kept - and seized from

The horrific story of abuse subjected to Blackpool's beach donkeys at the hands of their owners has angered many of you.

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Blackpool's beach donkeys 'punched and abused' - with one targeted by 'kung-fu s...

From the miserable conditions in which the donkeys were kept, to the violent treatment and subsequently the lack of jail time received by their custodians.

Fir Trees Farm, where the donkeys were kept - and seized fromFir Trees Farm, where the donkeys were kept - and seized from
Fir Trees Farm, where the donkeys were kept - and seized from
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Many are calling for a rethink on the justice system's sentencing for such horrific animal abuse.

Here is what you have said about the horrendous way these gentle animals have suffered.

These sentences are ridiculous should lock this scum up and throw away the keys

Edward Bowyer

Words escape me on this. Put all three in a room and tell animal activists to do their worst one then. Scum!

Tes Snelson

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What absolute scum! I truly hope someone drop kicks them in head kung fu style

Louise Taylor Humphries

Omg disgusting

Sarah Lenehan

Sick people should be locked up for life.poor donkeys.

Valerie Wall

Not even any jail time. Disgusting. Horrid people

Cara Beattie

Absolutely disgusting ! Those poor animals !

Sam Sable

Absolutely disgusting. 3 year ban... should be a lifetime ban!!

Gail Barrie

Should have been prison on bread and water

Robin Lewis

What a absolute shame for these animals...

Lauren Ashleigh Mcwhirter

No different than forcing them to be ridden down the beach all day... Abuse comes in many forms

Andy Pearce

Ban them for life they should not be allowed to have animals we need a petition

Juliette Vincent

Should be banned for life NOT three years!

Cherryl Gibson Baker

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Disgusting those poor animals deserve so much better! Justice system stinks

Catherine Tate

I can't even watch it.... To treat any animal that is totally dependent on you to provide the basic needs as well as diligent care and love is inhuman.

There are some very sick individuals in this world.

Had this been just one person carrying out these tortuous acts on defenceless and loving donkeys, I could perhaps have understood but when it's a group of people systematically abusing them - it's incomprehensible and should have deserved a much stronger sentence.

I think there should be a demand for a review by the RSPCA and us, the public!

Shell Chapman

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Anyone who can abuse an animal obviously has sadistic tendencies and should be punished as harshly as if they had abused a human.

Nadine Mason

My heart breaks for these poor defenceless animals!

And as usual the perpetrators of the horrific and inexcusable treatment of these animals get off Scot free it makes my blood boil as many have already stated they should be imprisoned and never allowed near an animal of any sort ever!

Samantha Jayne Hitchmough

I don’t understand what a three year ban will do from keeping animals.

They’ll just do it all again, ridiculous.

No animals should have to suffer like that. Disgusting system.

Tanya Ayre Gayton

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This really angers me, for them to hurt animals that can't fight back just shows what lowlife scum these sad morons really are, they should be behind bars for a very long time!!!!

Karen Taylor

Those punishments are an absolute joke. Should have been locked up for years.

Huey Williams

Thank goodness those neighbours witnessed and filmed the abuse or the extent may never have come to light.

The sentencing is a travesty, justice has not been done for those animals and the duplicity to the public who have paid their monies thinking those donkeys were being well cared for.

Jay Cee

This is heartbreaking, I’m lost for words that this can happen

Pen Marriott Schofield