A Range Rover driver caught speeding on the M55 told officers she thought she was only doing "110mph"

Police clocked her speed at 115mph.
Police clocked her speed at 115mph.
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A woman caught driving a Range Rover at 115pmh has told police she thought she was "only going 110mph".

Lancashire Road Police have reported the woman for driving at more than 40mph over the speed limit.

In a Tweet earlier today, officers said that a Tactical Ops unit stopped the Range Rover on the M55 Eastbound for speeding.

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The driver reportedly told police that she was "going to pick up a new puppy" and "thought she was only going 110mph."

The legal limit on motorways is, of course, 70mph.

But a specialised camera fitted to the front of the police car clocked the woman's speed at 115mph - 45mph over the motorway speed limit - and 5mph higher than she thought she was going.

Despite her strange exuses, officers reported the driver for the offence.

Being caught driving at that speed carries a maximum penalty of £1000 fine, and either 6 penalty points on your license - or a disqualification for up to 56 days.