A Land Rover with identity issues, an Audi with crazy window tints and drivers on drugs: This week on Lancashire's roads

“Put the vehicle through the crusher”.

That was response from several social media users this week, after Lancashire Police’s road team revealed they had caught a Land Rover masquerading as a Toyota Aygo and the driver had no insurance.

And it wasn’t the only blatant road crime this week – in Preston, an off duty police officer saw a Honda driver smoking cannabis – and he carried on when uniformed officers pulled him over.

Several other drivers have failed roadside drug tests and have been arrested – though in one case, it was a passenger who was found with drugs. The driver of that car was also issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) after the tints on his front windows only let through 28 and 29 per cent light when the legal limit is 70 per cent.

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