Council dismisses '˜hippy crack' complaint against councillor

A councillor who provoked anger over his comments that '˜hippy crack' was not dangerous, will not face any council reprimand.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest

Leyland Labour representative Derek Forrest was reported to the standards committee at South Ribble Council for his outburst on inhaling nitrous oxide - also known as laughing gas.

Despite evidence inhaling the gas has can cause asphixiation and nerve damage, Coun Forresr said: “You get two minutes of a high and that’s it, no addiction, no harm, but alas a litter problem.”

He was reported for bringing the council into disrepute by Councillor Paul Wharton.

A letter sent to Coun Forrest by David Whelan, deputy, monitoring officer, states: “After careful consideration it was felt that there had been no breach of the Code of Conduct in this instance.

“Essentially all that had happened is that you had commented on an issue of public policy.”