Columnist: Hayley Kay - Potty training and Blackpool illuminations

Two words that best sum up the last few weeks of my life are '˜potty training'.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 1:25 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 2:37 pm
Hayley Kay with Alfie Boe

Now, before I had a child I’d have imagined it wasn’t a big job (excuse the pun) to teach a toddler how to use the toilet, what I now know is, that it’s an absolute nightmare.I thought we were reasonably well prepared, I’d read a book about it and umpteen articles online; we had lots of colourful underpants with his favourite tv characters on, three potties dotted around our house, a wallchart and a mini toilet seat, should he choose to use the actual toilet, so we were optimistic when we decided to take the no nappy plunge. He didn’t take much convincing and was keen to be a big grown-up boy, so we set off on our potty training adventure.Looking back now, we were somewhat naïve when we thought after a few weeks, he’s cracked it! He was using the potty all the time and only wore a nappy at bedtime, we bought him a new toy as a reward and I guess we felt a little smug, however, that’s the joy of parenthood; you see, just when you think you’ve cracked it, they move the blooming goal posts. His accidents were becoming more frequent and, as his parents we were getting more and more frustrated, he’d pretty much cracked number ones, so it was just ‘the number twos’ to tackle. The problem was they’d happen at the worst places and the least convenient moments. The absolute worst, was the day I took him to a children’s’ play centre, when he had what I’ll refer to as a ‘code brown’, clearly having far too much fun to think about going to the toilet. Anyway, once I realised what had happened we made a sharp exit and I spent the next half hour trying to clean him up as best I could with baby wipes in the car park. It was a moment of motherhood I’ll file under the ‘Nobody tells you this stuff’ memories and I was convinced my car had a vague pooey smell for weeks!Anyway, on a slightly more glitzy showbiz note, I had a great night backstage at this years’ Blackpool Illuminations Switch On, interviewing the stars for MTV and Visit Blackpool. It was such a magical night, with some amazing performances including Diversity, HRVY, Ella Eyre and local hero Alfie Boe who also performed the honours. I still can’t believe it’s almost a decade since Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent and they’re still at the top of their game. It was great to interview Alfie Boe, too, he’s such a down to earth guy and proud of his local roots, clearly delighted to be bestowed with the honour. For me, the Illuminations shining means autumn is here and I can’t wait to take our little boy through the Lights, we’ll get a chippy tea and walk through them and I’ll be taking some spare underpants obviously.

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