Columnist: Dave Swanton: In the wars

Dave SwantonDave Swanton
Dave Swanton
Columnist Dave Swanton talks about his recent accident

Thanks very much for all the kind ‘Get Well’ messages sent to me after my recent accident. Thankfully, the wound on my head is now fine and the break in my fibula, too, is getting better, although my toes are a lovely shade of black/blue and purple!I remember breaking my arm as a kid a junior school and having a cast on for six weeks. It’s okay until it starts itching half way down the cast and I had to use one of my mum’s knitting needles to relieve the itch. Everyone at school wanted to write their name on it, too, which was fine. These days I am not so sure , as people may write rude remarks on the cast or start trying to draw a Banksy!The good thing about being self-employed and working from home is that I can set my own hours and shuffle around the house wearing shorts and a polo top, one sock and a slipper. Hardly a fashion icon, but very effective. Carrying a cup of tea is a non-starter. Tried it and it was like a remake of watching Mrs Overall on Acorn Antiques. I now walk around the house with a carrier bag that resembles a ‘Cropper Shopper’ off Coronation Street. I have got so much stuff in that bag it’s like ballast in a hot air balloon.The phone calls from friends are good to keep me laughing. Jason Robinson suggested I got a mobility scooter and he would pay for roadside assistance in case I got a flat battery! One thing that is alarming is that motorists see you as a target on the A6 near my home if I am crossing over. Thankfully, I can usually make it to the traffic island as they come zooming past.The physio at Manchester Storm Ice Hockey team has prepared me a full rehabilitation timetable with exercises for the day after the plaster comes off. I think I may stick to water treading and the Jacuzzi, drinking a mug of tea and reading the Post!I spent many years out of hospital but the last 12 months have seen me make numerous trips and stays at both Chorley and Preston. I make no apology for the fact I am a big supporter of the NHS and think the work the staff do at Chorley and Preston is outstanding. I am at a loss, to be honest, to understand why they want to move everything into one unit very close to one of the worst areas of motorway in the country. On radio it seems a daily occurrence that there has been some incident or another between junctions 30-33, so why would you have just one establishment smack bang in the middle of where traffic snarls up to help those injured?