Columnist: Dan Donohue - Great North Run

Sir Mo FarahSir Mo Farah
Sir Mo Farah
Fitness guru Dan Donohue talks about doing the Great North Run with Sir Mo Farah

There is very little that is more mind blowing than seeing an athlete break more records and become even more legendary in the process.

The other Sunday, we had the privilege of seeing Sir Mo Farah (inset) disappear at a rapid pace from the start line at the world’s best half-marathon, The Great North Run as we headed towards our own spot on the start line.

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As insane as it is to see the kinds of records the world’s best can achieve, at Fitness Formation we pride ourselves on bringing people together as a group in order to inspire others and in the process, inspire more people.

This week’s column will hopefully inspire you to take on something that you maybe didn’t think was possible before.

Amongst our number on Sunday was a lady who, only 18 months ago, was lying in a coma fighting for her very life after being involved in a serious car accident.

At The Great North Run, she was running on the behalf of those people that saved her life that day.

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Watching people achieve something they only dreamed they could achieve a year ago is one of the biggest upsides of what we do for a ‘job’.

It’s an immense privilege to play the most minute of roles in the bigger picture of someone else’s life, to see the joy, elation and satisfaction they get from completing something that was as far away from possible as you can get only 12 months or so ago. Whatever you believe to be impossible, think again.

Our aim that Sunday was very simple: To make sure that there was always someone by your side for 13.1 miles and, almost to a man and woman,

we achieved it.

Surrounding yourself with amazing people who only want to see you succeed is the greatest gift you can receive as you step out of your comfort zone.

That Sunday, the race plan was executed brilliantly well.

People running side by side inspiring each other.

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If you want to see success, get there surrounded by others. It’ll make the journey more enjoyable than it ever will on your own.

Whatever it is that you want achieve, aim high.

On the Sunday, the end goals ranged from simply finishing the race to recording a personal best.

Watching people push themselves armed with the belief instilled in themselves by others as well as the individual, is incredibly humbling.

That Sunday was a

challenge but it was a challenge that was met head on by all our number.

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By doing so, they have inspired others to try something new, to try something they never thought they could possibly beat and to create a new mindset that no matter what they want to accomplish, they can do it.

Surround yourself with people who only lift you up, not drag you down.

Believe that you can do what you want to achieve, rather than doubt yourself. And most of all, go out there and go after it.

It’s not going to come to you.

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