Coleen Nolan set for solo shows

Coleen Nolan announces solo tour, which will end in BlackpoolColeen Nolan announces solo tour, which will end in Blackpool
Coleen Nolan announces solo tour, which will end in Blackpool
Blackpool-born Nolan sister Coleen Nolan is set to hit the road solo for the first time - and will close the tour in her hometown.

The TV presenter will launch The Never Too Late Tour in January, 10 years since she last sang publicly with sisters Bernie, Maureen and Linda on The Nolans’ 2009 reunion tour.

The Loose Woman, who’s been embroiled in a bullying row after Kim Woodburn appeared on the lunchtime panel show last week - refueling the pair’s feud from their time on Celebrity Big Brother, will play the Opera House on February 28.

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Speaking to The Mirror, the youngest Nolan sister admits being daunted at the prospect of ‘going solo’ at 53, and said the tour was a ‘step to being independent for the first time in my life, and not being the baby’.

Celebrating her 21st birthday - the youngest Nolan, ColeenCelebrating her 21st birthday - the youngest Nolan, Coleen
Celebrating her 21st birthday - the youngest Nolan, Coleen

Recounting the moment she told her Blackpool-based sisters Maureen and Linda about the tour, Coleen said: “My sisters instantly went, ‘Oh God, are you scared? Those are massive venues’.

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“And I was like, ‘Obviously, terrified’. But they were like, ‘Oh my God, just do it’. It was never a case of, ‘Why haven’t you asked us?’.

“And Bernie would say, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, just do it’ too. She would have belief,” Coleen added, referencing her late sister who died five years ago this summer after losing her battle with breast cancer.

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It was The Nolans’ reunion tour which sparked a major row between those included in it and their elder sisters Denise and Anne, although Bernie’s death has since brought them back together.

While Denise had quit the group before they became famous, Anne had been part of the main line-up and was upset at being left out - despite it being the promoters’ decision not the sisters’.

Coleen said to the national paper: “I hope they all come and see me at the end.

“The tour ends in Blackpool, where I grew up. I would love that.

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“An impromptu reunion would be nice. But I won’t rely on that, it’s up to them on the night.”

The announcement that Coleen will play a Blackpool show may come as something of a surprise, given her comments about her birth-town in 2015, when she condemned Blackpool as a ‘war zone’ in her weekly column for The Mirror.

Writing at the time, she said: “She wrote: “Young men and women, stags and hens, stagger from happy hour to happy hour, slugging back fishbowls of cocktails until they are slumped half-naked on the street, legs akimbo, in pools of vomit.”

She added that the binge drinking culture was the reason that she no longer lived in the resort and says that before they moved, she and her soon-to-be ex-husband’s cars were regularly smashed up.

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