COLD CASE REVIEW: Timeline of events leading to the murder of the Tortured Teen

Alan Livesey Murder SceneAlan Livesey Murder Scene
Alan Livesey Murder Scene
The notorious murder of Alan Livesey has continued to haunt Lancashire for almost 40 years.

His mum Margaret Livesey was convicted of the murder in 1979 after he was found bound and stabbed at their home in the Crescent, Bamber Bridge.

Now, police have confirmed they are relooking at some evidence in the case and Margaret Livesey’s family hope it will clear her name once and for all.

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Here is a breakdown of events leading to the horrible crime, which took place in February 1979.

6.30pm - Alan has pork chops, potatoes and carrots for tea.

8.30pm - Alan and Margaret go to the off licence together and witnesses said they had clearly been rowing.

8.50pm – Alan was left alone in the house.

9.55pm - Ronald Mason, partner of a neighbour, Susan Warren, of 39, hears larking about.

10.05pm – A witness for the defence, Peter Nightingale, claimed he saw someone with blond hair leave 41 The Crescent – but later retracts it.

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10.30pm – Neighbour Christine Norris, of 43, hears Livesey arguing with Alan.

10.45pm – Bar staff claim all customers had left the Queen’s Hotel.

10.50pm – Lover Frank Bamber and Livesey claim they left the pub at this time. She claims she saw the two young sons of her neighbours and went to the Matthews’ at 63, giving her no time to commit the murder. But prosecutors claim she went straight home and committed the murder, then went to the Matthews’.

10.45pm-11pm – At some point during this period neighbour Susan Warren at 39 claims she heard an argument.

11.28pm – Leslie Matthews calls police after being sent to 41 to look for Alan.

2.40am – Home Office pathologist concludes that the death occurred around three and a half hours before.

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