Classic tunes from iconic Madchester music scene

Back in the heyday of the house and dance scene, Blackpool was one of the places to be.

Friday, 4th August 2017, 1:26 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
Happy Mondays' maracas man Bez on stage at Hacienda Classical for Lytham Festival

But last night, generations of clubbers, past, present and future, took that vibe a few miles south to a party on a packed Lytham Green.

The super sounds of Hacienda Classical took many back to those heady late nights - or should that be early mornings?

It was definitely a case of when two worlds collides, as leafy Lytham absolutely rocked, warmed up by 808 State.

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Lytham Green as Hacienda Classical took over the arena

Hacienda Classical draws together two extremes of Manchester’s incredible musical heritage - the FAC 51 beats and city orchestra Manchester Camerata - with the clubland classic anthems rewritten for classical instruments.

Instead of ballgowns and bow ties, the Camerata’s members were in leather jackets and T-shirts.

Presiding over the beats were Hacienda’s leading men Graeme Park and Mike Pickering on the decks - Graeme even taking a moment in the limelight to lend his vocals to New Order’s Blue Monday.

Celebrity anti-fracking protester - and legend of the Madchester scene - Bez took to the stage, showing off his famous dance moves, and even taking over the conductor’s baton for one of the weirdest moments you’re likely to ever see on a stage.

Lytham Green as Hacienda Classical took over the arena

In a seemingly surprisingly political statement, the Happy Mondays star was proudly showing his anti-fracking colours in a Frack Free Lancashire T-shirt.

And to bring the music to a rousing end, Happy Mondays’ singer Rowetta belted Where Lives, a great bonus to the incredible in-house vocals displayed all night.

As is typical of this ever-impressive weekend of music, there were fans of all ages.

Babies bopped in buggies as their grandparents grooved on the grass, all in a delightfully safe setting.

It’s certainly safe to say Lytham Got The Love for this incredible musical showcase.