City boxer goes toe-to-toe with poverty in Pakistan

Preston boxer Stuart Maddox in Pakistan with Amir KhanPreston boxer Stuart Maddox in Pakistan with Amir Khan
Preston boxer Stuart Maddox in Pakistan with Amir Khan
A Preston boxer has teamed up with Amir Khan to take part in a special fight night in Pakistan.

Stuart Maddox, who trains at the Larches and Savick Boxing Club, was selected by the British and Irish Boxing Association to take part in the event Karachi on Thursday.

It’s the first of it’s kind in the country and has been organised by the Amir Khan Trust to raise funds to build two wells in drought-hit Tharparker.

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Stuart, a 36-year-old cruiser weight will take on Jodie Meikle before flying home on Friday.

He said: “It’s great to be part of something like this with Amir. He’s been with us the entire time and he’s absolutely great. He’s so down-to-earth, he’s paying for everything, and he’s having a laugh with everyone - just one of the lads.”

Stuart, a dad-of-three who grew up in Chorley, has been a professional boxer, but now combines the sport with work as a groundworker.

He said: “I’ve had to take a week off work to do this, but it’s something so special and overwhelming to be chosen.

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“I’ve never been before and it’s mad, a completely different way of life. Everything seems to be 100mph.

“But the heat is unreal, it’s sticky and horrible. It’ll probably make boxing tougher, but we’ve got a public work out later on so we’ll be able to see what we’re up against.”

He added: “I was a little worried, having heard there’s been some problems recently in Karachi, but we’ve got a team of security guards with us and it’s fine.

“The people are so welcoming and their faces light up when they see Amir.

“He does so much good charity work that nobody really realises. As well as the wells, he wants to build a gym for the street kids.”

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