Celebrating the best local cooking

Family kitchens are a treasure trove of amazing recipes handed down from one generation to the next.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th May 2014, 10:30 am
Delicious: Joan Gore with her malt loaf
Delicious: Joan Gore with her malt loaf

To celebrate the best family recipes from across the area the Evening Post is launching The People’s Cookbook, in an attempt to bring together some of best culinary knowledge in a single publication.

Now, we need you to send in your family favourite recipes, the ones gran used to make, the ones you want to pass on, and we will put them together in a great cookbook.

So far readers have submitted great recipes for soups, cupcakes, scones and marmalade.

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Today, reader Joan Gore shares her amazing malt loaf recipe. She has been making it for so long she’s forgotten exactly who gave it to her. Joan, of Langdale Road, Leyland, believes it originally came from a colleague she worked with many years ago on school dinners.

She said: “We used to swap recipes regularly. I’m going back a lot of years now, but I’m pretty sure that’s where it came from.”

This is a no-fat recipe, but that makes it great for cutting a slice and spreading some butter on the top.

She added: “There is no fat at all and although there is sugar, you’ve got have a little treat, haven’t you?”

Do you have a great recipe you want to see published? Send your recipes, complete with a picture of the finished dish and a picture of yourself, to 
[email protected]