Cave explorer tot coat plea

An intrepid toddler wants to be reunited with his favourite red jacket '“ which he wears when climbing and exploring caves.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th May 2016, 10:13 am
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2016, 12:21 pm
This little boy's red jacket was lost on the 14.01 Skipton to Morecambe train on Sunday.
This little boy's red jacket was lost on the 14.01 Skipton to Morecambe train on Sunday.

The parents of Sean Latimer, who at just 23-months-old accompanies his mum and dad on organised caving trips, have launched an appeal to find the coat after it was lost on a train.

The jacket, known as Sean’s ‘adventure coat’, has particular sentimental value to his parents because the brave little lad battled back from pneumonia when he was a new-born baby.

“It’s only a little jacket but it means a lot to us,” said Sean’s mum Jude.

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Sean on a caving expedition in Matienzo.

“Sean was poorly with pneumonia when he was born and we were determined not to wrap him up in cotton wool as we want him to have lots of amazing experiences.

“We have been on caving expeditions around Europe, and we have travelled to the Matienzo expedition in Spain three times with Sean and his jacket.

“We have been everywhere with it.”

Sean’s dad Johnny Latimer was travelling on the 14.01 train from Skipton to Morecambe on Sunday and got off at Clapham where the family live, not realising he had left a grey bag with his son Sean’s red jacket inside.

Sean on a caving expedition in Matienzo.

Despite making enquiries with lost property, the coat has not been found.

Jude said: “It was a ridiculously expensive jacket and we were going to pass it on to our daughter Daisy, who is eight months old.

“Nothing has been handed in but it might be at another station. Sean enjoys visiting the local climbing wall at Ingleton and sometimes has a go at climbing up.”

Sean and Daisy are junior members of the Bradford 
Pothole Club and Johnny and Jude take them on organised family caving trips.

The Latimers, both experienced cavers themselves, are offering a free caving trip for four people to the person who finds Sean’s jacket.

Visit to contact Jude and Johnny.