Care home staff battle for equal pay

Union presses for equal pay in care sectorUnion presses for equal pay in care sector
Union presses for equal pay in care sector
A country-wide chain of care homes is the subject of a discrimination case brought by the GMB union.

The case against Avery Homes (Nelson) Ltd has been launched since, says GMB, paying women less than men in comparable roles is discrimination and against the law.

The union has instructed Leigh Day to issue legal proceedings at the High Court to win equal pay for 87 members employed by Avery Homes (Nelson) Ltd in female dominated, predominantly caring roles. They believe female workers are doing jobs equal to those of male colleagues but with lesser terms and conditions.

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Avery Homes run 45 care homes in Staffordshire (7), Northamptonshire (6), Birmingham (4), Kent (2), Nottingham (2), Surrey (2), West Yorkshire (2), Worcestershire (2) and one care home in each area of Cheshire, Coventry, Derby, Hampshire, Harrow, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Manchester, Milton Keynes, North Yorkshire, Somerset, Stoke-on-Trent, Stratford-upon-Avon, Tyne & Wear, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Wolverhampton.

Justin Bowden, GMB national officer for the care sector, said: “Avery Healthcare has 45 care homes and employs over 2,000 women as carers and in other vital frontline roles, yet chooses to pay them less than men it employs in comparable roles. That is discrimination and it is against the law.

Every one of the 2,000 women Avery Healthcare employs may have a claim for hundreds or thousands of pounds of compensation going back up to 6 years. GMB is appealing to all current and former employees of Avery to come forward so we can assess if they may be entitled to compensation.”