Bus lane about-turn sends drivers around the bend

THE Fishergate bus lane saga has split opinion after the story took another bizarre turn this week '“ a U-turn.

Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 9:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 10:51 am
About-turn: Decision to leave bus lane in force has revved up a heated debate

No sooner had County Hall announced the restrictions would be staying in place – just 10 days after saying they would be lifted – drivers and pedestrians took to social media to re-ignite the heated debate.

Many agreed on one thing, that county councillors should “make their minds up.”

But supporters and critics have been out in force to vent their spleen over what has become one of the most vexed issues since the parellel argument over shared space.

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“This is just a confusing mess now,” said Rob R. “Fishergate either needs to be put back to how it was or to be fully pedestrianised with vast improvements to the surrounding routes to cope with the re-routed traffic.”

Liveintherealworld asked: “How much taxpayers money has this fiasco cost?” And Clown Face added: “LCC not very good at making decisions and sticking to them.”

The highways authority came under fire when it introduced the bus lane between Mount Street and Corporation Street between 11am and 6pm and nabbed 8,000 motorists in the first week.

But after a comparitively congestion free Christmas LCC’s cabinet member for highways and transportation, Coun John Fillis told the Post on December 30: “It will now be lifted and we can then sit down and have a proper look at it, to decide if it is worth maintaining or do we just introduce it in November and December.”

But on Monday this week a new statement came out saying the bus lane would continue.

“Brilliant,” said ParchedPeas. “Good news,” added Comet2014. And Chris Davies said: “Learn to read the signs and there’s no problem.”

Katrina Barlow declared: “I wish they’d make their minds up. I was convinced they weren’t in operation today – fortunately I didn’t need to drive down Fishergate, but I saw several who did.”

Neil Cook wrote: “Just don’t go down there, full stop.” Margaret Carter said: “No wonder drivers are confused. I’ve been shopping in Chorley, less hassle.” But the final word went to Frank Stephen with: “I can see a new film here: Carry On Up The Bus Lane.”