Booths launch the Pie Barm for British Pie Week

Pie lovers unite, for there’s a blessing in your local Booths as pies take centre stage on the hot food counters for British Pie Week.

By Iain Lynn
Friday, 1st March 2019, 2:01 pm
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 2:07 pm
The magnificent Pie Barm
The magnificent Pie Barm

For a supermarket that prides itself on its Lancashire roots, it's hard to imagine it coming up with a more northern sandwich.

Offers in their pie promotion include this Wigan delicacy, The Pie Barm, a savoury pie enveloped in a soft soothing doughy bap of unashamed Northerness for just £2 – including sauce and gravy.

British Pie Week runs from 4-10 March, and has been belly-filling feature of our calendars since 2007.

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"Introducing the Pie Barm to our hot counters is a little bit of fun and seemed a fitting way to celebrate British Pie Week.”

The classic Pie Barm would be a meat and potato pie but at Booths you can choose a cheese & onion pie, or you could keep it Preston with a sumptuous butter pie.

According to the most common internet search results for what we Brits are looking at recipes for, the humble cottage pie comes out top, but just try and eat that in a butty.

From beginning as a tea shop in Blackpool, it's good to see Booths still knows what pleases its customers most - just don't ask for your pie on a cob, tea cake, bap, roll or cob. It's a barm.