Blackpool lottery winner scoops £1m

A Blackpool lottery winner is celebrating today after scooping £1m on the EuroMillions.

The person wishes to remain anonymous, however, we understand that a woman, in her 20s, won the cash prize on the Millionaire Maker game on August 7.

After buying a EuroMillions ticket the store worker was immediately entered into a Millionaire Maker draw which guarantees one lucky player will win £1m.

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It is believed the lucky lady scooped the cash with the code FGF188408 – one of the biggest-ever winners on the Fylde coast.

The huge sum of money could be spent buying 3,389 adult tickets at Blackpool Football Club (if you wish!), the chance to watch Cats at the Winter Gardens 50,000 times or on 74,000 trips up and down Blackpool Tower.

Today we asked our readers what they would do with the cash bonanza.

Dorothy Robinson, 73, of Pavey Close, South Shore, said she would spend the money on a Caribbean cruise.

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She added: “If I was still working I would not give my job up. I think if I won the million I think I would spend it on a Caribbean cruise and treat my family – I would give them the money.

“We usually go on a cruise around the Caribbean to Barbados, St Martins, Cuba and Mexico – we like doing that.”

Maureen Wakefield, 70, of Stadium Avenue, South Shore added: “I would see my family and older children were ok and give some to charity.

“I’m 70-years-old, so I would not look to move away, but I like America a lot and I would certainly go and visit there.”

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Svetozaz Kozomara, 64, of St Anne’s Road, Blackpool, said: “I watch a lot of shows like Deal or No Deal where people are trying to win £250,000.

“They all say they want a holiday but what can you really get?

“A holiday would not be my priority. I would think it is cleverer to invest it.

“Money disappears quickly.”

David Smith, 45, from Glasgow said he would enter into the property market.

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He added: “I would not retire. I would get myself a house or a flat and look to invest the money wisely. I would probably get a motorbike too – a chopper bike.”

Graham Spinks, 50, from Blackpool, said: “I would probably get out of Blackpool! I would have a good holiday and spend the money on my family.”

The new millionaire is not the first major winner on the Fylde coast.

In 1996 Karl Crompton from Cleveleys won close to £11m on the National Lottery.

The former assistant manager at Comet was 23 when he scooped the major prize.