Big-eared burglar behind bars

Police custody photo of Caylan ClossickPolice custody photo of Caylan Clossick
Police custody photo of Caylan Clossick
A young Wigan man who became an internet sensation after police put out his big-eared mugshot has finally been jailed.

Greater Manchester Police issued Caylan Clossick’s photograph on Facebook because he was wanted for questioning but the image went viral with pranksters making fun about his somewhat protruding ears.

They became the subject of more than 27,000 comments and spawned a whole catalogue of big ear memes and mock-ups. He was immortalised as Dumbo, a giraffe and even the International Space Station.

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The 19-year-old has now appeared at Liverpool Crown Court where he was jailed for a total of three years four months after a burglary he committed meant he was “a three striker”.

Clossick of Rydal Avenue, Hindley, pleaded guilty, along with his brother Keiran Clossick, to breaking into a house in Fairman Road, Hindley, on November 3 last year.

Caylan also admitted breaching a suspended prison sentence imposed last October for burglary by being out when he was the subject of a curfew.

John Chukwumeka, prosecuting, told the court that the two brothers smashed their way into the unoccupied four bedroom detached house and stole £1000 worth of property including electronic items.

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A neighbour saw the two men in the vicinity of the property and shortly afterwards was at a nearby supermarket and saw them again. After the burglary came to light she told police of the sightings and after watching CCTV footage from the supermarket a police officer recognised them.

When police searched Caylan’s home they found a black balaclava hidden inside track suit bottoms and black gloves. A small knife was hidden behind a picture on his bedroom wall and cannabis and a grinder were found beneath his bed.

Some of the property stolen in the raid, including an X-box controller was also found in his room. When interviewed he denied the offence.

Kieran Classic, 22, of Leigh Road, HIndley, was arrested at his home and clothing matching that seen in the CCTV footage was found. He was jailed for 12 months.

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